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  • 01/03/2019 04:12 PM

2018 was a slower downsizing year than normal, but I did develop some new habits of mind that I hope I will carry forward into 2019.

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  • 05/08/2018 09:07 PM

In addition to our grander downsizing goals, we must deal with the daily influx of new clutter into our lives.

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  • 03/29/2018 02:13 PM

Time management principles work for downsizers, too. Prioritize it, break it down into small chunks, and get these chunks on your schedule!

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  • 01/10/2018 08:41 PM

Here are six things I've learned so far in my journey re the value of things and time, goal-setting, documentation, going public, and the uniqueness of each person's experience.

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  • 12/31/2017 03:10 PM

In 2017, I, the Slow Downsizer, accomplished more than I thought in my efforts to simplify my life.

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  • 09/12/2017 02:52 PM

For me, lists have been important for my slow-downsize to maintain a record and to keep me from losing my way. I provide some tips for list-makers, with the caveat that they shouldn't take the place of doing the actual work.

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